Been talking to Dwayne at KC Robotics about trying to get the drives powered up. Got email instructions from him (actually from KC’s Kuka guy) as follows:

Navigate to C:KRC\Roboter\Init
Open file IOSYS.INI
It will look something like this:

; IOSYS.INI - Configuration file for the IO-System

; For configuration help go to the end of this file.


; ATTENTION !!!! Since V5.0 Build13 we have removed the DeviceNet
;                driver "dndrv.o". Now you have to use the driver
;                "dn2drv.o" and the appropriate syntax (form 2)



To disable the LPDN driver.  Make sure there is a semi-colon before each DNSC line.

Leaned later that I was supposed to do this through Windows Explorer, but managed to open IOSYS.INI through the controller interface (Configure -> I/O Driver -> Edit Config.). It didn’t quite look like the above, but it did have a few DNSC lines that weren’t commented out.

Restarted the controller and now there is only one message left:
200 Drives contactor off.

That’s progress, but still can’t jog it.