Mastering Lost

I shut down Windows from the start menu last night to see if it would retain the mastering. Powered up this morning and it appears to have lost mastering on axes 2, 3, 5, 6 … weird.

This post on robot-forum seems relevant.

There was also an error (forgot to write it down) that the drive power on time was out of sync b/w the controller and the robot. There was a prompt for which one was write. The numbers were really close to each other. I think I picked the greater of the two. The controller. I think.

I remember Bill, the Kuka guy, telling me that when shutting down the controller, the PC should stay on for a few seconds and go into hibernate or do it’s own Windows shutting down sequence. That definitely doesn’t happen – when I throw the switch, the screen goes black immediately. From what I’ve been told, and have read (in the post above) this could very likely be a dead battery issue, but I have no idea which battery.