Power On

Got blue-screened the first time I turn it on.

Photo Apr 21, 12 20 29 PM

The fan in the back of the cabinet vibrates violently which ends up appearing to be┬áthe cause. Tim and I pulled it off, put some little rubber O-rings behind the screws, stuffed a bit of nylon in the slot for the bracket and it’s running smoothly.

Followed Andrew’s instructions to get to jogging it around – once it’s all booted up:

  • Configure -> Special Functions -> User Group
  • Softkey: Expert
  • Password = kuka
  • Monitor -> Variable -> Single
  • set $gm_wo_plc to TRUE
  • Switch to the message window and “Ackn. All” messages
  • Push the softkey in the upper-left twice
  • Pull the dead-man switch on the back of the controller half way
  • Press any of the soft + or – keys on the right and that should jog it

And of course it didn’t work.

Got a few messages left:
1033 Error on reading, driver: LPDN Ch 1 (and another for Ch 2)
200 Drives contactor off
1033 again for Ch2

Photo Apr 21, 1 08 52 PM